Changing Paths

I toiled along a valley road
Sinking lower into fog
Stinking mud pulled at my toes
Trapping me within the slog

To either side rose winding paths
Twisting, splitting, clawing free
Carpeted with seedlings growth
Promising mighty future trees

A peculiar train caught my eye
I wrenched my feet out of the sludge
And leaping forward, breathed goodbye
To the endless filthy trudge

But throwing my foot blindly down
In a first step of upward hope
A stone beneath grass overgrown
Sent me tumbling back down the slope

Sitting arse deep in the mud
That I had so briefly escaped
With heaving lungs, face flushed with blood
I did not pause to ponder my fate

Rising, I ignored the grime
Embedded deep as my grubby soul
And growing weary of the rhyme
I focused on my new found goal

Every path my hide a pitfall
Every one I’ve walked does
But one of them will lead to something better
One of them has to.

I took another step.




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